Carceral Temporalities and the Politics of Dreaming

Carceral Temporalities and the Politics of Dreaming

01.02.2019 18:00

Moderated by Eric Snodgrass

Contemporary politics of safety are strongly linked to forms of empathetic identification. Infrastructures of algorithmic policing define who is worthy of feeling safe and secure, and enact or suspend one’s future. A language of comfort acknowledges those considered innocent and pure, and justifies violence for others. But what about the lives being paused and no longer acknowledged? Prison abolitionist, poet, writer, and performer Jackie Wang has been examining this question as part of her work on “carceral capitalism.” At her talk at transmediale 2019, she will discuss how carceral temporalities are brutally imposed, and emphasize the potential to escape and disrupt time. She will underscore the role of social imagination, and look into how dreams can be used to shatter the captivity of bodies and minds in order to set the world in motion again. 

For this event, simultaneous translation to German is available via headphones.
With friendly support from ECHOO Konferenzdolmetschen.