Collective Moods in Precarious Times

Collective Moods in Precarious Times

03.02.2019 12:00

Moderated by Devika Sharma

Which are today’s dominant and emergent affects? Which collective moods manifest or impede social change? How is lived experience and practical consciousness expressed within and through digital culture? In this keynote conversation, Ben Anderson and Rebecca Coleman revisit and pose new questions related to Raymond Williams’ influential “structures of feeling.” While Anderson discusses contemporary forms of boredom and how they relate to work and non-work, activity and inactivity in precarious times, Coleman develops Williams’ concept and proposes the notion “infrastructures of feeling” to consider how affects emerge within digital media—and what this might mean for questions of solidarity and resistance. Thinking together the ambiguities of contemporary boredom and the liveness of today’s media, the speakers consider how the experience of the present is produced, distributed, and possibly suspended.

For this event, simultaneous translation to German is available via headphones.
With friendly support from ECHOO Konferenzdolmetschen.