Cryptoeconomics as Data Loam

Cryptoeconomics as Data Loam

03.02.2018 11:00
Café Stage

Moderated by Matthias Tarasiewicz

This presentation features the outcomes of the workshop Fork-Politics in Post-Consensus Cryptoeconomics, within the context of the project Data Loam.

The shift to practice-led research in art focuses on the process of making. This parallels the move from indexicality of information to the critical intermediality of objects, facts, materials, ephemera, technology, and matter. Together, these correlations generate complex patterns that also function as generators of meaning and knowledge—but are currently inaccessible. An accessible topography is needed, which expresses the multidimensional, dynamic construction of all these correlations. Data Loam investigates new tools in practice-led research that account for the process of making and capture knowledge previously lost in the jungle of big data. The combined skill sets of the collaborating artists, philosophers, programmers, physicists, and library scientists make this necessary common language possible.

Data Loam is a PEEK project hosted by the University of Applied Arts Vienna in cooperation with RIAT – Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics.


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