Earth Observatory Array Actions

Earth Observatory Array Actions

24.02.2017 11:00
silent green Kulturquartier

During the workshop participants will design, build, and activate the first Earth Observatory Array elements for the Shift Register project. The Earth Observatory Array is a set of global field-stations that are used to characterize, materialize, and mark the effects of human industrial and infrastructural activities on planet Earth. Each array element provides a specific mediation of climate, atmospheric, earth, cosmological, and geophysical science techniques for gathering an impression of earthly well-being.

Workshop activities as Earth Observatory Array Workshop Activities (EOAWAs), are thematized around different end-of-life (death) rituals that signify a transfer of states and metamorphoses: “embalming” (associated with data compression, backup, containment, and exclusion), and “spirit capture” (associated with atmospheric climate heat cycles, computational thermodynamics, dew, inspiration, and oil sands).

The workshop will couple each of these rituals with significant industrial process, computational process and sites, explored through mapping and other exercises towards the design and hands-on construction of two Earth Observatory elements during the afternoon. Construction will take place in the exterior courtyard of silent green and involve processes such as digging, interring, casting (of concrete and resin elements), and embedding. Each construction and element will be activated in the form of a ceremony later in the evening.