Earth Observatory Array Activation Ritual

Earth Observatory Array Activation Ritual

24.02.2017 18:00
silent green Kulturquartier

The arrangements and assemblages that compose our images, knowledges, and imaginaries of planet earth are vast and diverse. Local knowledges, and the sites of its production are not just those we imagine as part of the epistemic colonialism of technoscience, but also conjectural, anecdotal, unclear, mystifying, and inexplicable. The Earth Observatory Array, a subaltern meshwork charting the interactions of earth’s elemental forces, provides direct engagement with transitional, ambiguous transitions the planet undergoes—from animated to lifeless, from living to dead.

The workshop which results in the making of an Earth Observatory Array Element (EOAE) at silent green culminates in a collective ritual—a calibration, induction, and activation—which initializes the nuclear containment EOAE on the grounds of the first crematorium in Berlin. This ritual or ceremony, devised in part during the workshop by participants, draws parallels between a contemporary embalming associated with data production and sampling and the storage or backup of both nuclear materials and archived nature.



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