Feeling Algorithms

Feeling Algorithms

03.02.2017 20:00
HKW - Lecture Hall

Speak, John Latham, UK 1962, 10'
Losing Sleep, Doug Porter, CA 1996, 15'
Crippled Symmetries, Beatrice Gibson, UK 2015, 26'
not even nothing can be free of ghosts, Rainer Kohlberger, AT/DE 2016, 11'
See a Dog, Hear a Dog, Jesse McLean, US 2016, 18'

Doug Porter’s video Losing Sleep was shown at the 10th VideoFest, transmedia '97, a year before the name was changed to transmediale. In the film, a young hacker reports on work he is doing on the computer, the stimulating intensity of which makes him oblivious to physical sensation. In the storm of visual data, technical and natural states become one. Going to sleep is a capitulation. Overloaded human perception has always been a concern of structural film. Extreme flicker effects conjure up image structures and colors that are not real elements in the film, but arise in the eyes of the viewers. Feeling Algorithms addresses processes in art, music, and the financial market that are not fully rationalizable and the ambivalent longing for communication with non-human entities.


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