iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels, is in a transition period with the renovation and extension of our venue (the new iMAL will open end of 2019). After 20 years of existence as a digital art organization, this is a time of fallow and we see this one year period as an opportunity to think about the roles of techno-cultural institutions and how we can work together in a post-digital, technological, and fast-changing world. Yves Bernard is the director of iMAL and curated or co-curated many exhibitions (eg. Hybrid World – 2007, Holy Fire, Art of the digital age – 2008, Welcome to the Future! – 2015, Anarchronism – 2015) and symposiums (eg. Blockchain. Fact. Fiction. Future – 2016, So, what about Politics? – 2017). Yannick Antoine is curator of events such as Internet Yami-Ichi (Brussels editions) and Reclaim the Web (P2P web).