Land on Earth

Land on Earth

02.02.2019 11:00
HKW - Lecture Hall

Program starts every hour.

The success of far-right movements in Europe and elsewhere has repeatedly been traced back to the effects of globalization. Opposed to supranational structures, social diversity, and openness, the new right—and with it, parts of the moderate political spectrum—insists on national identity and borders, which have never disappeared as such, but have become permeable in many respects: through the movement of capital and goods, work migration, and the expansion of digital networks. The three films in this program question the power of national politics and call for a new vision of the future that does not manifest in man-made borders, but in the relationship of humanity to planet Earth. Land on Earth is part of a new presentation format of this year’s transmediale: the program will be shown every hour throughout the day.


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