Masquerade for Commoning

Masquerade for Commoning

04.02.2018 14:00
HKW - K2

In this workshop Critical Media Lab Basel suggest a spectral instead of a dialectical understanding of face value and claim that most of the current models of valorization generate unwanted artifacts of our agricultural software running for more than five thousand years. How can artists, designers, researchers, and para-academics create convincing modes of commoning and alternative living (pre-, post- and beyond-capitalistic) through media technology that foster more solidarity, critical turnarounds of face value and critiques of valorization and values? How can commoning be reconsidered more critically? Join the session and discuss, sketch, design, and deconstruct building blocks and conceptual machines for a game in the making, called Masquerade for Commoning. As part of the workshop, participants will receive a limited edition paper-based mask kit and engage with it.

Presented in cooperation with Critical Media Lab Basel.


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