[Mind] Maps

[Mind] Maps

30.01.2019 15:00
HKW - K1

[Mind] Maps is a hands-on workshop that explores neurospeculation through the lens of representation, radical image making, and memory. Through a process of archiving memories, participants are invited to create masks as letters to the future and artifacts of the present. Masks are objects that cover the face for a variety of reasons and have been used throughout history for protection, disguise, entertainment or ritual practices. Their use can reveal complexities of memory and identity, and ultimately communicate truth. [Mind] Maps examines mask making as a practice bridging cultures, time, representation, and geography. During the workshop, masks will be created to represent and materialize memories, collective or individual histories, and knowledge. Sensory prompts will be used to activate the unconscious mind, and ideas of the brain and cognitive science will be introduced to address the architecture of memory and healing in a collective sense.

The workshop is hosted in collaboration with Winchester School of Art.


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