Netochka Nezvanova

Netochka Nezvanova


Recipient of the transmediale 2001 Software Art award (shared with Adrian Ward) and once dubbed as "the most feared woman on the Internet" (, 2001), Netochka Nezvanova was one of the first fictive art personas and multiple identities on the Internet, established in 1995 and operating under various related aliases such as antiorp, integer, m2zk!n3nkunzt, and =cw4t7abs. The character Netochka Nezvanova comes from the first and incomplete eponymous novel written in 1849 by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, which means "nameless nobody." For over a decade, different artists and programmers were responsible for Nezvanova's eclectic output ranging from audiovisual software tools and to spamlike code poetry. The spam art of Nezvanova was used in confrontational ways as NN's often unintelligible messages written in the schizophrenic "English+" language almost single-handedly brought down net culture mailing lists like Syndicate in 2001. However, NN's contradictory work also followed more constructive lines and her software NATO.0+55+3d, released in 1999 and built through MAX/MSP, was very popular as one of the first easily accessible tools for live video manipulation, predating later tools like Jitter. The software Nebula.M81, awarded at the transmediale 2001, allowed for browsing and remixing Internet content into abstract audiovisual flows. The following is the message sent by NN to the Syndicate mailing list, pre-announcing the jury's decision:

From: Sun Jan 21 12:50:16 2001
Subject: Syndicate: [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ nebula.m81
Nebula.M81 got the highest valuation of the jury
Netochka Nezvanova: Nebula.M81 - Autonomous | NL, 1999
Nebula.M81 ist ein netzbasiertes Programm für Macintosh, ein ästhetischer Prozessor
von HTML Code aus Web-Seiten, den es in animierten Text, Grafiken und Ton umwandelt,
die vom Benutzer durch verschiedene Parametern beeinflusst werden können.
Nebula.M81 bekam die höchste Wertung der Jury im Bereich Code als Pose.
- come stress my caterpillars - at transmediale 2001
`and the caterpillar dress? can't wait to wriggle into` - da +?
dze pa!r!ng ov homologouz kromozomez one 4rom each odr prnt
dur!ng me!os!z
i cannot be bothered.i cannot be bothered.surrender your pattent.
romant!z!zm = 01 kolon!al d!zeaze
Netochka Nezvanova - xerox m! - ! l!ke !t
| +----------
| | <
\\----------------+ | n2t#
| >


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