Plastic Raft of Lampedusa

Plastic Raft of Lampedusa

YoHa – Plastic Raft of Lampedusa
YoHa – Plastic Raft of Lampedusa

Workshop, installation (dismantled inflatable boat), 2 video documentations of the workshop at Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, Berlin, 2017, and a workshop at the 11th Shanghai Biennale, 2016, 1 PDF of the boat safety standards
Courtesy: YoHa

In their work Plastic Raft of Lampedusa, collaborative duo YoHa explore the circulation of economic, material, and human flows that have a mutual influence on one another. Matsuko Yokokoji and Graham Harwood are specifically concerned with a physical object currently associated with the migration of refugees across the Mediterranean and related political, social, and economic implications: the rubber boat. In their investigation, the boat represents a transversal space in which physical objects and human bodies merge and combine into new entities. The installation itself consists of a rubber raft disassembled into its individual parts. The accompanying video documents a workshop in which the raft was subject to forensic analysis. The first part of the project was realized in Shanghai in November 2016, where a similar boat was taken apart by the artists in cooperation with Chinese workshop participants.

The work is on view at Deutsches Architektur Zentrum – DAZ, Köpenicker Str. 48-49, 10179 Berlin: 2–8 Feb 2017, daily 15:00–20:00