Real Estate of Emergency

Real Estate of Emergency

03.02.2019 18:30
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1

While the ongoing crisis is paying off in yields for real estate investors, Corporation of people's situations (COPS) deal with how to adapt oneself to a permanent emergency situation: who gets access to collective structures and spaces—and who doesn’t? What follows the appearance of new actors on the housing market who offer to rent or buy into communities? What effect does the monetization of access, facilitated by technologie, have on spatial and interpersonal structures? In the performance Real Estate of Emergency, based on movement, language, and music, a collective is imagined and realized performatively: COPS investigate how modes of connection can transform feelings of helplessness and desire for escape into the nuclei of a solidary practice.

COPS – Corporation of people's situations:
Jennifer Bennett
Josephine Findeisen
Carl Gerber
Balz Isler
Alice Peragine
Sonja Hornung
Jo Zahn

Sound Design: Felix Raeithel