Software Garden

Software Garden

01.02.2019 20:00
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1

Artist Rory Pilgrim presents the Berlin premiere of the performance version of his multi-faceted project Software Garden, which spans around a music album, video works, and poetry. Developed since 2016, Software Garden is a response to the political events that have given rise to increasing inequality, nationalism, and political isolationism. As a live performance, the project unfolds somewhere between a pop concert, kabuki theater, and a political space of action interweaving song, spoken word, choreography, and visuals. Focussing on the connections between technology, disability, and the systems that care for a society, the performance is narrated by poet and disability advocate Carol R. Kallend. In it, she reflects on the desire to have a robotic companion to fill the void created by the British Government’s disability cuts that left her with drastically reduced access to care.

Warning: Strobe lights are used during this performance.

Carol R. Kallend – Poetry
Casper-Malte Augusta – Choreography & Dancer
Robyn Haddon – Singer and Co-Songwriter
David Andrews and Modern Activity – Text and Letter Work

Special thanks to Katerina Gnafaki, Veronika Heisig, Velvet Spors, Aleksandra Skowronska, André Fincato, Karina Golubenko, Magdalena Glawe, Liam Kelly, Anna Gal, Laura Bernhardt, Tom Lane, Iga Swiesciak, Nhu Huynh, Frida Yngvesson.

With the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.