Telekommunist International: The Delegate Assembly

Telekommunist International: The Delegate Assembly

18.02.2017 19:30
Special event

Delegates from various global constituencies are invited to address the assembly with news of their struggles, words of encouragement and solidarity, and powerful calls to action.

In the frame of Telekommunist International:
Global masses were mobilized in 1917 by visions of a new society, defined with models of universal and egalitarian emancipation where every person’s basic needs would be provided for, and where the conditions of prosperity for one would be conditions of prosperity for all. The socialist experience fundamentally shook the old world order and subsequently helped shape the last century. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of these events, the Telekommunist International engages this history and envisions a new social agenda for the next century.


This event will be followed by a Commemoration Party at c-base (Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin): Telekommunisten invite to a rousing celebration of social accomplishments from the past century, while setting eyes upon the next 100 years.