World of Touch

World of Touch

01.02.2019 11:00
HKW - Lecture Hall

Program starts every hour.

“The internet was born in text, because text was once the only format computers understood. Then we started giving machines eyes and ears,” Farhad Manjoo writes in the New York Times on 9 February 2018, describing something that reads like the development of an information system that values the emotional more highly than the rational. Even though the “post-text future” may seem as unlikely as the much prophesied death of the book: younger generations today communicate primarily via chat abbreviations and emojis, photos and videos, while artificial intelligences increasingly learn to decode the affective dimension of images and sounds in real time. Taking these phenomena as starting point, the selection of four international short films reflects the sensuality and physicality of human perception and interaction as well as their ambivalent relationship to digital technologies. World of Touch is part of a new presentation format of this year’s transmediale: the program will be shown every hour throughout the day.

The presentation of Brian den Hartog's A Dialogue with Cyberspace is realized with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.


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