Extreme Green Guerrillas

Extreme Green Guerrillas

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Nitta’s project takes current green trends to the extreme. The Extreme Green Guerillas are a network of amateur self-sustaining people who have shortened their lifespan through the ultimate green lifestyle. Whilst going to extreme lengths to protect the environment, they try to enjoy a decadent quality of life by re-using urban waste and biosystems, embracing emerging technologies in order to develop the ultimate green solution.

The Extreme Green Guerillas reject use of the corporation-controlled internet or CO2-producing postal services, instead preferring to send digital messages via migratory animals.  By modifying urban vermin, such as pigeons and rats, they create edible and gourmet-like new delicacies. They attempt to solve overpopulation and resource problems through a ritualistic, premature death, administered via a euthanasing earring. The purpose of these individual, provocative gestures is to question the role of consumerism within green activities and to provoke questions regarding green lifestyles. The position the guerillas represent is realised through an ironic, playful and artistic use of creative, self-explanatory systems. myportfolio.me.uk/PORTFOLIO.html


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