Partner Program

CTM Festival 2019 – Persistence

Our partner festival is turning 20: The anniversary edition of CTM will take place from 25 January to 3 February 2019 at various locations in Berlin. Under the title Persistence, it explores what it means to resist increasingly polarizing stances and simplistic rhetoric and to cultivate steadfastness instead. Read more

Vorspiel 2019

Together with our partner CTM Festival, we will be once again putting on our yearly pre-festival program Vorspiel in January and February 2019. The two-week event series is created by independent project spaces, galleries, cultural institutions, curators, and artists all over the city of Berlin and will start with a shared opening event on 18 January 2019 at ACUD MACHT NEU. Read more

transmediale Marshall McLuhan Program 2019

On 30 January, Jody Berland will hold the transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2019 with the title Extending McLuhan’s Posthumanism: Feeling the Techno-Animal Embrace at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin. Additionally, Canadian artist Serena Lee will present and perform her work Kinds of Caves and Wholes and Parts. Read more

Rundfunk Aeterna X – A Radio Opera by Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag

In collaboration with transmediale and CTM, Akademie der Künste opens the installative recomposition of Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag’s RUNDFUNK AETERNA X – A Radio Opera on 1 February 2019. The symphonic/spatial work invites the public to move through a multidimensional space. Read more

Study Circle Partner Program

In association with the transmediale Study Circles, three Berlin-based project spaces curate their own program parallel to the 2019 edition of transmediale.

The Institute for Endotic Research

The Institute for Endotic Research presents a series of performances and interventions across two evenings under the title Infratekture. The program will explore notions related to the composition of the social body through the invention of its organs, its nourishment, and its textures. Read more


When do tools and knowledge of technology and science become meaningful enough to catalyze social empathy in new cultural and artistic forms? In the exhibition Creating Empathy, Berlin-based project space Spektrum brings together works investigating the relation of the self with the other person and, more generally, humans with other life forms. Read more

Import Projects

Import Projects presents an event series that looks into the question how the future of the brain—in its role as a constitutive element of freedom of choice—could look against the backdrop of an ever-closer wiring between the brain and technologies. Read more