Ambient Revolts

Ambient Revolts

04.02.2018 13:30

Moderated by Sabrina Apitz

Ambient revolts are upheavals in our biopolitical ecosystem—an ecosystem that is increasingly conditioned by the logics of technology: algorithms, artificial intelligence, and cybernetics in general. Such upheavals often occur unnoticed, in the background of our everyday environment, in an almost automated manner rather than as a result of conflicts and democratic processes. Coming to terms with this predicament means to explore post-human and post-colonial forms of political agency. The Berliner Gazette annual project 2018 embarks upon a series of inquiries into this issue. Its first event, the Ambient Revolts panel at transmediale face value, thus sets out to explore the hidden links between the mass movement of migrants and new, algorithmic states of exception, focusing on the following questions: What does political agency mean today? What new possibilities emerge for collective action? Is it still possible to revolt?

Presented in cooperation with Berliner Gazette.


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