Call Out, Protest, Speak Back

Call Out, Protest, Speak Back

03.02.2018 18:00

Moderated by Nishant Shah

How do you live in a world that was not designed for you? How can one make peace with the fact that differences always matter? As much as neoliberalism may have wanted questions of race to disappear, its meritocratic media proved that this would hardly be the case. Since their emergence communication platforms and gaming worlds have been offering a stage for identities to be performed—but also for racist and sexist discourse and behaviour to occur, be strengthened and consumed. This “racio-visual logic” and culture of the internet has always been Lisa Nakamura’s core interest, more specifically the actors operating against its violence. In her recent work she studies the role of call-out culture, vernacular pedagogy, and protest against online misogyny and racism. In this context, her keynote for transmediale 2018 will address the importance of critical race and feminist theory. She will focus on the role of radical women of color in digital consciousness-raising and surviving the racialized media of our time.

For this event, simultaneous translation to German is available via headphones.
With friendly support from ECHOO Konferenzdolmetschen.