Global Exchange

Global Exchange

02.02.2018 16:00
HKW - Lecture Hall

Moderated by Florian Wüst

The Reading Lesson, Johan van der Keuken, NL 1973, 10'. The Offspring Resembles the Parent, Lina Selander, Oscar Mangione, SE 2015, 14'. The Jungle Book, Jan Peter Hammer, DE 2013, 12'. Koropa, Laura Henno, FR 2016, 19'. In the Red, Ana Pečar, Oliver Ressler, US/AT/IT/SI 2014, 20'.

Economic inequality is one of the greatest challenges facing democratically organized societies. So-called social modernity enabled relative prosperity and mobility for the working classes. It was followed by a shift to neoliberalism, which came into full swing by the 1980s. Neoliberalism aims to abolish state intervention into the supposedly self-regulating market, putting profits ahead of investments. While wages are stagnant, demand is sustained through debt, which, as Maurizio Lazzarato points out in his essay The Making of the Indebted Man, has become an organizing principle of social relations. The films in this program present a critical perspective on the current global economy—a system that presupposes and perpetuates asymmetric power relationships—by looking at the legacy of European colonialism, the ongoing migration crisis, fights against privatization, and fights for the value of the common good.


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