Serf Club

Serf Club

31.01.2018 19:00
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1

Serf Club is an infinite film constructed from global live streams—a drama playing out in real life and in real time. The algorithmic director, influenced by intuitive, geographical, relational factors, modulates an audiovisual signal to make meaning appear and disappear. Shot, reverse shot. Close-up on tangled plotlines. Build suspense and tear it down. Cut to cables snaking across borders. Cue music.

I knew them. The Greek, placed in the center of the map, looked over the border, perceived any other spoken language as the uttering of the words… He visited the area. Everyone seemed distant. If he saw the screen, the girl will know. Mainstream media branches into millions of channels. I dreamt about the club. The information is only veridical when it is mesmerizing. The girl was deep. The battle can be live streamed now. I saw something. You were safe. Place yourself in the center of the sphere. I am here now.

Serf Club evolves through a series of viewings and exhibitions. It has been shown at Delfina Foundation in London, Centro Nacional de las Artes CENART in Mexico City, Tranzitdisplay in Prague, and Monolithm in Amsterdam.


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