Soundtrack for Webcams – Live

Soundtrack for Webcams – Live

03.02.2018 20:00
Café Stage

Soundtrack for Webcams – Live is an audiovisual concert adapted from an installation piece of the same title by composer and artist Magnus Bugge. In the installation unsecured webcam streams are randomly combined into constellations and projected. These cameras are always on, capturing mundane objects and everyday life such as traffic jams and office spaces, broadcasting them online in low resolutions, adding jitter, errors, and glitches. The colors of the images are analyzed, and this data is then used by an algorithm to create a generative soundtrack. The latter evolves dynamically, based on the empty narrative of the streams. In the live version of the piece, the data is integrated into the artist’s live setup, so that the video streams act as an improvised counterpart.

Magnus Bugge made Soundtrack for Webcams during his summer residency at V2 in Rotterdam, supported by PNEK. PNEK will launch their catalogue for 2018 as a part of this event. PNEK is supported by the Arts Council Norway.

The event is followed by a DJ set by DJ KABLAM at 22:00.


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