transmediale 2001

transmediale.01 DIY [do it yourself!]

transmediale.01 wanted to turn passive media consumers into active producers: visitors should get the opportunity to experience artistic and media-technological strategies in order to give them the opportunity to create art by themselves, in situ. Thus, DIY [do it yourself!] reflected the emancipatory and self-empowering tendency of the digital era in media-artistic practices.

On the level of visitor-artist the exchange started and was further devloped in the discussions of the conference: communication software, labelled as social software, as well as artistic software – software art were topics explored in the context of new forms of distribution and net.based participation. The nominated artworks were located in hybrid areas oscillating between the understandings of people and machines, between collaboration, blockage and invention. They offered new ways of constructing reality and new forms of identification. Appropriate, participate, produce and distribute were the requests to visitors and artitsts alike at transmediale.01.


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