transmediale 2005

transmediale.05 BASICS

transmediale.05 explored the BASICS, the aesthetic and ethical foundations of artistic practice with digital technologies in a hyper-potential culture. It presented models of an artistic practice whose ethics derive not from past value systems, but from an appropriation of an extreme and contradictory, contemporary culture.

The conference discussed the 'Next Level Basics' in contrast to the well-known credo 'back to basics': How much security does the individual need to protect their freedom and in which ways is our existence redefined in gene-technology laboratories? New forms of interactive media production reflect our changing necessities and demands. Even the award categories adapted to the new BASICS: since the distinction between electronic, digital and media award categories can no longer be called valid in the artistic practice these limitations were abolished. The transmediale.05 workspace investigated what kind of technology was necessary to secure our survival and fulfil our BASIC NEEDS. What exactly do we need in the era of the internet, robotics and gene-technology – which potential fields of action do these opportunities open up? transmediale.05 claimed that it is necessary to know about the ethical and aesthetical effects of the technologies applied, as well as their limitations.


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