Thematic Threads


Thematic Threads

The programme follows four threads: Users, Networks, Paper, Desire. The festival will look at what these threads meant BWPWAP, what they are today and how they will develop in the future.

The transmediale 2013 program unfolds through four threads that are interconnected through the BWPWAP perspective: Users, Networks, Paper and Desire. These threads run transversely across the different festival events. By following them, visitors experience constant shifts of modalities and perspectives. Just like the debates about Pluto and its possible definitions, these threads re-classify the standard festival event taxonomy and offer an alternative roadmap to the festival program.


The festival looks at what the topics of Users, Networks, Paper, and Desire meant BWPWAP, how they look today, and how they will develop in the future. By saying that these familiar domains are BWPWAP, we are displacing them and making them strange: on the one hand declaring them somewhat obsolete, but on the other, preparing them for renewal.


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