Alfredo Aracil, Lucia Arias & David Pello (LABoral)

Alfredo Aracil, Lucia Arias & David Pello (LABoral)

Alfredo Aracil is Head of projects at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón, where he has curated Usos y Formas, Traslaciones, Universo vídeo_ Prácticas Experimentales, Universo vídeo_El Otro Audiovisual Español, and Universo vídeo_Geopolíticas. He has a masters in Visual Culture and Art History from the Autonomous University in Madrid and the MNCARS Reina Sofía. He has curated audio-visual programs such as Leer las Imágenes, Leer el Tiempo for the Reina Sofía and El Primer Viaje, an exhibition of the artist Irene de Andrés, in Galería Espacio Líquido in Gijon.

Lucía Arias is Head of Education programs at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón. From 2002 to 2004, she collaborated as a teacher in a Dual Language Program in the US, in which she worked with immigrant students at risk. She has also collaborated with the non-profit organization Museums with No Frontiers. Aware of the huge potential of a production center as an educational tool, LABoral’s education program encourages encounters for theoretical reflection and practical application in the fields of technological art and industrial creation.

David Pello is the head of fabLAB Asturias. With a Digital Fabrication Diploma by the International Fab Lab Network's FabAcademy and extensive training in the field of IT and applied digital electronics, he has advanced knowledge in operating systems, microcontrollers, embedded systems programming, and in designing and prototyping digital circuits and sensor networks. He has been working in the arts, science, and technology fields since 2006, building interactive installations, ad hoc hardware and software systems, and mechanical parts using digital fabrication.


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