Archive, Curate, Educate: Active Media Arts

Archive, Curate, Educate: Active Media Arts

07.02.2016 12:00
HKW - Lecture Hall

moderated by Jussi Parikka

The archive is unbound, no longer restricted to a space of storage or a logic of cultural memory. Today the archive is also a site of sharing, distribution, education, critique, imagination, and artistic activity. This panel brings together curatorial, artistic, and academic perspectives on media art in order to discuss the role archives can play in curation, spatial design, and technology-based art practice. The panelists will discuss examples such as Erkki Kurenniemi’s archival and technological art, artistic projects with the Asger Jorn Archive, and other innovative examples of ways the archive continues to be reimagined. Also at stake are how archives can feed into (media arts) education. How does the archive shift when it becomes an active online environment that can work against reification of knowledge?

Presented in cooperation with Winchester School of Art.