Artworks in the reSource programme @ transmediale


Artworks in the reSource programme @ transmediale

R15N by Telekommunisten. Graphic: Jonas Frankki

The reSource programme presents two art projects, especially created for this transmediale edition: R15N, an experimental phone service created by Dmytri Kleiner, Baruch Gottlieb and the Telekommunisten Network and Google – One Week Performance Piece by Johannes P Osterhoff.

Artworks in the reSource programme



by Dmytri Kleiner, Baruch Gottlieb, Jonas Frankki, Mike Pearce, Jeff Mann and the Telekommunisten Network

Telekommunisten present R15N as a working telephone-based interactive installation which is available as a mobilization and engagement platform for the transmediale community. 
R15N is an artwork in the form of an experimental mobile phone service which attempts to generate local community engagement and communication. After registering with the service participants will be joined together in the R15N community, able to initiate and share information about what is going on at transmediale and beyond. Every member thus eventually becomes engaged in a real conversation with another, and this engenders cohesion and complicity. 
R15N will be the Official Miscommunication Platform of transmediale 2012. 
Register yourself at

presentation of R15N at the opening of transmediale, Tuesday January 31, 17:00-18:30



Google – One Week Performance  Piece

by Johannes P Osterhoff

From January 1 to December 31, 2011, the Interface Artist Johannes P Osterhoff has been publishing all of his search queries with the search engine Google in a One-year Performance piece called Google. Since for each search a website has been generated automatically, Osterhoff's searches surface surprisingly well-ranked in Google's search results. During the week of transmediale Osterhoff opens this hacking of Google's business model to collaboration. Follow the searches of JODI, Olia Lialina, mspr0, Rene Walter and others or use Google publicly yourself.

Presentation as part of the panel Isolation and Empowerment after Web 2.0 on Friday, February 3, 11:00 – 14:00, K1


Image credits: R15N, a project by Telekommunisten. Graphic: Jonas Frankki


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