CTM announces Festival Theme 2021: Transformation


CTM announces Festival Theme 2021: Transformation

Transformation is not necessarily a revolution. It is not a violent and total break with the present, but rather a process of change that reinforces, expands, and unfolds approaches that already exist. Read more.

Our long-time partner CTM has announced their 2021 festival theme under the title Transformation. CTM 2021 explores our collective response/ability in a festival edition that will diverge significantly from its previous iterations. Amidst intertwining crises, and fragmented narratives and realities, how might we envision a different future? If culture provides a laboratory in which to think through such questions – to imagine new models, practices, and worlds – how can it examine and challenge the inequities inscribed in its own structures? The 22nd edition of CTM will take place both in person and online from 22 – 31 January, 2021. Check the open calls on their website here.


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