face value Audio Documentation

Audio Documentation transmediale 2018

face value Audio Documentation

Audio Documentation transmediale 2018

Audio recordings of most transmediale 2018 events can now be found in the archive.

transmediale provides full documentation of most 2018 events—if you missed out on a keynote, panel, or discussion, you still have the chance to experience them through audio files which are also available in our archive

Thursday, 1 February 2018
Research Values
Panel with Christian Ulrik Andersen, Marie-Luise Angerer, Geoff Cox, Jan Distelmeyer, Søren Pold, Winnie Soon, Magda Tyżlik-Carver

Transversal Values – On New Forms of Coalition
Discussion with Shaina Anand, Nadia Idle Lisa Nakamura, Stefan Rusu, Oliver Lerone Schultz, Penny Travlou 

Unmasking Cyberwar
Panel with Ryan Bishop, Megan Boler, Vladan Joler, Svitlana Matviyenko 

Launch of EMAP: The European Media Art Platform
Panel with Peter Zorn

Politics of Forgetfulness
Keynote with Françoise Vergès, Anna-Sophie Springer 

Politics of Forgetfulness with German simultaneous translation / mit Simultanübersetzung ins Deutsche
Keynote with Françoise Vergès, Anna-Sophie Springer 

Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain
Panel with Jaya Klara Brekke, Ruth Catlow, César Escudero Andaluz, Sarah Friend, Nathan Jones, Kei Kreutler, Martín Nadal 

Friday, 2 February 2018

Nefarious Values: On Artistic Critique and Complicity
Discussion with Marc Garrett, Eric Kluitenberg, Sven Lütticken, Ana Teixeira Pinto, belit sağ, Lioudmila Voropai 

Book Launch – The Metainterface: The Art of Platforms, Cities, and Clouds
Panel with Christian Ulrik Andersen, Jan Distelmeyer, César Escudero Andaluz, Joana Moll, Søren Pold

The Violent Imagination of Financial Capitalism
Panel with Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Max Haiven, Amel Ouaïssa, Nina Power 

Derivative Living
Keynote with Jonathan Beller, Matteo Pasquinelli 

Derivative Living with German simultaneous translation / mit Simultanübersetzung ins Deutsche
Keynote with Jonathan Beller, Matteo Pasquinelli 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Cryptoeconomics as Data Loam
Panel with Jaya Klara Brekke, Andrew Newman, Martin Reinhart, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Sophie-Carolin Wagner

Built-in Values: On the Politicization of Media Platforms
Discussion with Valie Djordjevic, Vladan Joler, Marta Peirano, Roee Rosen, Marc Tuters, Jillian C. York 

Better Think Twice: Subcultures, Alt-s, and the Politics of Transgression
Discussion with Florian Cramer, Angela Nagle

The Weaponization of Language
Panel with Faisal Devji, Sybille Krämer, Nelly Yaa Pinkrah, Nick Thurston 

New Networked Geographies
Panel with Bani Brusadin, PWR, Jasmijn Visser

Hard Feelings: A Conversation on Computation and Affect
Panel with Elly Clarke, convivial studio, Emile Devereaux, Helen Pritchard, Eric Snodgrass, Magda Tyżlik-Carver 

Call Out, Protest, Speak Back
Keynote with Lisa Nakamura, Nishant Shah 

Call Out, Protest, Speak Back with German simultaneous translation / mit Simultanübersetzung ins Deutsche
Keynote with Lisa Nakamura, Nishant Shah 

Unpacking Contra-Internet: Metric Mysticism
Artist Presentation with Zach Blas

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Growing a Repertoire: The Preservation of Net Art as Resistance to Digital Industrialism
Panel with Dragan Espenschied, Labor Neunzehn

Stop Making Money: Valuation and Non-Monetary Utopias
Discussion with Stefan Heidenreich, Rachel O’Dwyer 

Ambient Revolts
Panel with Sabrina Apitz, Jennifer Kamau, Dan McQuillan, Krystian Woznicki

Dispersed or Distributed? Understanding Networks of Contemporary Self-Publishing
Panel with Agnes Blaha, Bernhard Cella, Leo Findeisen 

Extracting (Hi)stories of Complicity
Panel with Femke Herregraven, Lisa Rave, Etienne Turpin  

Biased Futures
Panel with Yuk Hui, Francis Hunger, Jussi Parikka, Ana Teixeira Pinto 

Book Launch – META. Tracing Unknown Knowns
Panel with Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, Daniela Silvestrin, Carsten Stabenow, Mario de Vega, Dicey Studios 

Confronting Social Cybernetics
Discussion with Jonathan Beller, Baruch Gottlieb, Katerina Krtilova, Ewa Majewska 



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