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Goto80 (Anders Carlsson, 1981) is a musician and researcher who works primarily in low-res. Perhaps most famous for pop-hits such as Fantasy or Breakfast, few artists have as broad output as him. His latest passion is audiovisual text mode improvisations together with Raquel Meyers. He also makes art, and runs the Chipflip blog/label.


Goto80 grew up in the computer demoscene – the first large digital subculture for audiovisual hacking. He released his first songs there in the early 90’s and became a prominent figure, particularly known/hated for bringing errors into a perfectionist scene. Still, he was one of 3 nominees for all-time best C64-composers at Commodore's 25-year anniversary.


Goto80 was one of the first chipmusic people to make concerts and records. In 2007 he made one release each month, and in 2008 he released one song every day together with Dan Brännvall. After this output peak (1000 songs), he turned to the art world and made works such as HT Gold, Gotozilla and Polybius. He has presented his work at Montevideo (nl), Cimatics (be), Mapping (ch), Piksel (no), HAIP (si), LABoral (es), Plaza Plus (nl), Radiator (uk), re:new (dk), SXSE (us), Blip Festival (us/eu/jp).


Goto80 has an MSc in Media and Communication, and wrote his thesis on chipmusic. He has presented his research in 8-bit art and culture in books, blogs and lectures. He also runs the blog Chipflip, the netlabels Labelable and, and makes music as Extraboy, Johnny Location and about 1000 other names.



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