Hello Bitcoin

Hello Bitcoin

29.01.2014 21:00
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What makes a currency real? When we are able to burn them for real of course. In this outdoor performance bitcoins will be wasted, post-digital style.

The real aspect making it into a currency is not when it is spent, but when it is burnt.
- IRC proverb.

On March 29th, 2013 at 17:23, Geraldine Juárez got hold of 9 milibitcoins (0.00977616 BTC) which she then sent to a new and empty Bitcoin wallet. The Bitcoin wallet with 9mBTC was copied to an SD memory card, and the original wallet was removed from the artist’s hard drive. She proceeded to burn the memory card in the woods, successfully reducing the overall supply of this cryptocurrency into 20999999.99022384 BTC. For transmediale 2014, Juárez will repeat this action of literal cryptocurrency burning outside the exhibition hall of HKW, traditionally concluding by using the fire afterglow for a marshallow bbq.

This event takes place outside of HKW.