ideomotoric chatroom + The Glitch Moment(um)

ideomotoric chatroom + The Glitch Moment(um)

02.02.2012 21:00
Billy Roisz
Billy Roisz

A double-bill of digital glitches and analogue feedback: ideomotoric chatroom by Billy Roisz with dieb13, Mario de Vega; The Glitch Moment(um) by Rosa Menkmann.


These two performances lure the ghosts from the image and sound machines: glitch-expert Rosa Menkman demonstrates the history of each of these digital artefacts while Billy Roisz, dieb13 and Mario de Vega interact with each other by way of an "ideomotoric circuit loop."

The Glitch Moment(um) | Rosa Menkman
ideomotoric chatroom | Billy Roisz, dieb13, Mario de Vega


Inspired by the idea of the ideo-motor reflex, for the performance ideomotoric chatroom trio Billy Roisz, Mario de Vega and dieb13 build up their work as an eclectic machine, whose basic pattern consists of seemingly automatic, unconscious and random actions and reactions. It goes beyond the difference between concept, composition and improvisation; the entire context of the performance becomes the material. On stage, the three artists interact musically and physically in the room, and visually in an ideomotor feedback loop: three overlapping projections are shown. The screen also makes the internal architecture of this "ideomotoric chatroom" visible for the audience.


The Glitch Moment(um), is a audiovisual work in which Rosa Menkman sets out to tell the story of “every glitch” as a particular moment. Often described as an uncanny, threatening loss of control, the glitch throws a spectator into a void, which finally gives birth to new meaning. This can take place via exciting, archetypal or mundane forms and explains why eventually every glitch can become a new fashion, despite its initial critical potential.


(Images: Billy Roisz, dieb13 (cc) david murobi 2008, Mario de Vega photo by Joke Nies)