interACTicons, Live!

interACTicons, Live!

06.02.2011 19:30
Café Stage
interACTicons by Ursula Endlicher
interACTicons by Ursula Endlicher

What if Kafka's Internet suddenly came true and text were suddenly undecipherable as too many algorithms cancel out each other’s choice of uncensored words and all online communication were limited to emoticons?
These are the ideas behind interACTicons, a project enacting and visualising our online habits through the collection and performance of JPEGs, GIFs and videos by Ursula Endlicher that comprises of an online archive, several hands-on workshops and a final participatory performance.

What if all communication and social interactions online would suddenly be limited to emoticons? Or rather, as in the case of interACTicons,  to JPEGs, GIF-animations and videos, representing the interactions we carry out online. What if text would suddenly become undecipherable, as too many algorithms cancel out each other’s choice of uncensored words. And, on top of it, our restrained actions online would reflect back to what we know and are able to carry out offline… A vision of the future? Waking up to Kafka's Internet? Sound familiar?
interACTicons is a philosophical, participatory and theatrical investigation into the depth of the Internet as well as of its surface – of our activities on the Social Web; it is a project consisting of three parts: an online archive, a workshop and a live performance on location at transmediale.11.
Prior to the festival, the Online-Action-Library will invite the public to help shape the visualisation of our online habits. In the interACTicons Workshop we will experience these ideas hands-on. The participatory performance interACTicons, Live! will show where we all are at the moment.

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