Introduction - Launch: Thematic publication World of the News

Introduction - Launch: Thematic publication World of the News

Launch of the thematic publication "World of the News - The world's greatest peer-reviewed newspaper of in/compatible research"


With Christian Ulrik Andersen (dk), Morten Breinbjerg (dk), Geoff Cox (uk/dk) and Cornelia Sollfrank (de)

This is the launch event of "World of the News", the publication that grew out of the PhD workshop + conference in/compatible research (November 16-18, 2011, UdK,


In the light of questions such as "how to measure research?" and "what constitutes a knowledge platform?", the launch will address the broader context of its production. These questions are important in a situation where the re-organisation of universities across Europe and budget cuts in the cultural sector are being increasingly determined by the market. The introduction will be followed by readings from the newspaper, a discussion in a café-like atmosphere as well as a live feed from the in/compatible news channel. Unlike education in many countries, the newspaper is free.