Introduction - Uncorporated Subversion: Tactics, Glitches, Archeologies

Introduction - Uncorporated Subversion: Tactics, Glitches, Archeologies

in/compatible aesthetics


With Michael Dieter (au/nl), Jussi Parikka (fi/uk), Julio D'Escrivan (ve/uk) and jon.satrom (us)
Moderated by Rosa Menkman (nl) 


Today, the average user is obliged to stay on top of the technological curve, thrust into a vortex of consumer myths, riding waves of both euphoria and disappointment. This has prompted artists and theorists alike to break these assured flows of media, for instance by zooming into the otherwise transparent Human Computer Interface and turning its limiting, characteristic blueprints into a revolting yet delightful spectacle. On other occasions, artists bend particular devices, or even create completely new technologies. Through these subversive tactics artists show the governing filters of not only noise, but also “unwanted functionalities”, and how limiting these shiny black-boxed commodities have become. This panel will pay special attention to nostalgic problems, subversive tactics (like glitch) and media archeology as an artistic practice.


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