Jennifer Lyn Morone™, Inc

Jennifer Lyn Morone™, Inc


As a protest to the exploitative nature of corporations and the growing data industry, Jennifer Lyn Morone has become a humanoid/corporate hybrid as an attempt to establish the value of an individual in a data-driven economy.
JLM Inc derives value from three sources and legally protects and bestows rights upon the total output of Jennifer Lyn Morone. These sources are the accumulation, categorisation and evaluation of data that is generated as a result of Jennifer Lyn Morone's life; her past experiences and present capabilities, offered as biological, physical and mental services; and the sale of future potential in the form of shares.

The project was realised in collaboration with:
Lloyd Elliot - Data Analyst
Mark Osborne - Frontend
Zwitterions domain - Backbone
Ilona Gaynor - Aesthetic Advisor
Neil Thompson - Frontend



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