Kai Kreuzmüller

Kai Kreuzmüller

Kai Kreuzmüller lives and works in Berlin since 2005 and is a partner and co-founder of semanticom GmbH, a consulting firm for public relations and strategic positioning. He currently works as creative director and advises renowned clients across diverse industries from Germany. Since 2012, he has also worked as a freelance cultural advisor.

He is also one of the founders of LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance), a non-profit interdisciplinary project for emerging, digital media arts and performance that aims to initiate the dialogue between art, science and technology. LEAP’s central concept is based on experimental research in digital technologies and media, which shape and change our present and future society and stimulate new discourses, discussions and questions. The human being (or body) is thus in performative interaction with these technologies and their impact on society and culture. It stands in a transformative process with its environment and thus is prompted to challenge the limits of its exterior and interior. LEAP’s conceptual and substantive program deals with the discussion of new discourses, critical issues and provides a bridge between theory and practice. In September 2013 LEAP presented Art Hack Day Berlin ‘’Going Dark’’ the first in a two part organisational and curatorial collaboration between transmediale, Art Hack Day and LEAP which culminates in the festivals central exhibition Art Hack Day Berlin : Afterglow.

Previously, Kai worked as International Product Manager at the Berlin record label !K. Educated in Cultural Studies, he completed an apprenticeship at the BBDO Group Germany. He is interested in the impact of digital change on society and culture and the values associated to its shifts as well as our perception of new spaces of reality.

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