Keynote: Art as Evidence

Keynote: Art as Evidence

30.01.2014 20:30

A conversation between Appelbaum, Paglen and Poitras reflecting on the new frontiers of information disclosure

Documentary film director Laura Poitras, independent security analyst Jacob Appelbaum and artist and geographer Trevor Paglen reflect on upcoming frontiers of action and awareness for hackers, activists and artists in the present context of geopolitical surveillance and control. This conversation aims to trace a possible path towards investigating the deconstruction of power structures through experiencing them from within, critically reflecting on the role of art and activism today in the context of the post-9/11 politics and society. Crossing various practices and disciplines, from film documentary, computer security, hacking, experimental geography, photography, this talk reveals the role of art as evidence, as a practice of making people regain and reclaim their autonomy, have agency and live consciously in a networked world. Reconnecting with the courageous practice of whistleblowing and ethical resistance, Appelbaum, Paglen and Poitras highlight contradictions between public visibility and individual privacy, information disclosure and data protection in the digital and physical info-sphere.

The event is moderated by Tatiana Bazzichelli.

Read The Art of Disclosure, an interview with Laura Poitras by Tatiana Bazzichelli for transmediale 2014.


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