Launch of the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme

Launch of the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme

05.02.2012 18:45

Vilém Flusser Residency Programme


For Vilém Flusser theory and practice were inseparable. Knowledge production as a dialogue between science and art, the laboratory and theory, old and new media, global and local forms of organisation are a guiding principle for the notion of artistic research that will be supported by the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme.


The programme aims to support conceptual projects and works that are towards a form of practice. The programme seeks to encourage new research approaches and further develop existing projects.


Greek philosopher and economist Georgios Papadoloulos has been selected as the first resident. In his research project Iconographies of Drachma; Speculations on Symbolic Value he addresses the economic reality of Greece and how it manifests itself in the currency Drachma.


Georgios Papadopoulos
Economics; the art of making money? 

Performativer Vortrag / Performantive lecture


“Making money” denotes different things; primarily to earn money, but also printing or counterfeiting money, organizing local exchange trading systems, even designing alternative currency. The multivalence of the phrase delineates the space that my research has occupied. The space of representation, of circulation and dissemination, where power employs art(ists) and images to communicate its authority and to construct economic value, masking the self referentiality of money. In my presentation I will describe this space and suggest different strategies on how its possible to challenge economic value, from different plateaux; from psychoanalysis, from history, from linguistics, from philosophy, from the arts, and from economics itself.


The _Vilém_Flusser_Archiv
The _Vilém_Flusser_Archiv keeps the work of philosopher and cultural theorist Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). As the intersection of the international Flusser research the archive extends its collection by supporting artistic and scientific projects, which are related to Flusser. With several projects like the “Vilém Flusser Residency” and the “International Flusser Lectures” the archive keeps his ideas alive. During this event Claudia Becker, Scientific Supervisor of the _Vilém_Flusser_Archiv, will present the lecture The in/compatibility of art and science.


This event is part of Beyond in/compatible, where also the new initiative of transmediale, reSource for transmedial culture, is launched.