light, sweet, cold, dark, crude - LSCDC (Sat. 31)

light, sweet, cold, dark, crude - LSCDC (Sat. 31)


LSCDC is a microevent that delves experientially into the human perception of what is waste. The work engages the viewer in the turmoil and infinite recombinations related to the physical and emotional states transduced by water, the « light sweet crude oil » of the 21st century. Using immersive sound, moving image, drawing and custom-designed software for LED lights Ælab create a process-oriented work informed by the realities of grey water in various states of composition, decomposition and recomposition. The source material originates in the natural « Living Machines » system, pioneered by biologist and ecologist Dr. John Todd and the Station d’épuration des eaux usées, an industrial waste recycling system in Montreal. LSCDC is inspired by French philosopher Gilbert Simondon's concept of transduction, by which nature, information and technology are inextricably linked.

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and Parfac-UQAM, supported by CALQ and Bureau du Québec à Berlin



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