Melting Into Air

Melting Into Air

29.01.2015 18:00
HKW - Lecture Hall

This programme concentrates on the question of what the Internet does to the people who use it.

With works by Lee Madden, Julián D´Angiolillo, Metahaven, Louis Henderson, Johan Grimonprez, Philippe Leonard, Thomas Galler, Maria Kramar.

No phenomenon embodies “Capture All“ as clearly as the allimaging Internet. This programme concentrates on the question of what this medium makes of people who use it, from the earliest cinematic visions, as the Internet could have once looked, to a nightmare of virtual pillories for all those who are somehow a little different.

Year 1999 AD by Lee Madden, us 1967, 20 min (excerpt)
DVD Copying by Julián D´Angiolillo, ar 2013, 2 min
City Rising by Metahaven, nl 2014, 11 min
All That Is Solid by Louis Henderson, fr 2014, 16 min
Because Superglue Is Forever" by Johan Grimonprez, be 2012, 13 min
Tom 2.0. by Philippe Leonard, us 2013, 3 min
American Soldiers by Thomas Galler, ch 2012, 6 min
ABC-Lynching by Maria Kramar, ru 2013, 11 min


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