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Bioplastics Display, DMY Maker Lab, Photo Mendel Heit
Bioplastics Display, DMY Maker Lab, Photo Mendel Heit

Open Zone, Open Design City 'Make Your Own Market'

Workstation with Open Design City (de), Jay Cousins (uk), Christopher Doering (de), GRLG (de), Trial & Error Kulturlabor (de) and You


1 Feb, 20:00 - 23:00 (Opening Act/Workshop)

Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 22:00

Sunday 12:00-22:00


The Open Design City in Berlin is a collaboration space in which new relationships and projects are formed between its citizens. It is a space that takes principles derived from the Free Software and Open Source movements and applies them to Design. These Open Design principles lead to the sharing of tools, knowledge and skills, so that anyone can get involved if they have the time and commitment.


Jay Cousins and Christopher Doering, founders and citizens of Open Design City, take up residence in the Open Zone foyer of the Haus der Kulturen for the duration of the transmediale.11 festival. They bring their tools and equipment for all to share in their "Make Your Own Market" stalls that explore the principles of Open Design and new methods of monetisation and reward. They provide a space for interaction between the monetary system and Free Culture by giving festival visitors the chance to learn skills, and a platform to make and sell or exchange their own products and services.


Visitors are encouraged to share their own skills with others and to take part in open workshops ranging from screen printing to plastic making and 3D printing to sewing and upcycling. Specialised equipment such as a CNC cutter and 3D printer are free for all visitors to use. Materials will be provided but visitors are encouraged to bring items to upcycle, customise and exchange.


Special guests of the Open Design City: Graffiti Research Lab Germany with their SVG2BVG project!
SVG2BVG uses custom computer vision software to detect graffiti tags, sends the ensuing shape to a diy laser cutter, and then outputs the tag as a stencil in realtime. The stencils are conveniently sized for the television screens in the Berlin U-Bahn system, allowing you to create cheap, non-permanent, light-based graffiti in the comfort of your own transit system.


Trial & Error Kulturlabor is a Berlin based, non profit organization, working with crafts, D.I.Y. culture, arts and media, towards a bright sustainable future.

Friday Clothes Swapping


Find out more about this event by reading Open Desgin City's blog 


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