Panel: Uses and Abuses of Big Data

Panel: Uses and Abuses of Big Data

Presented in cooperation with MOTHERBOARD & Winchester School of Art. / A talk with Jussi Parikka, Kate Crawford, Mark Coté and Paolo Cirio. Moderated by Max Hoppenstedt, Motherboard.


Big data is the digital trash of our everyday life: the little snippets of useless data that accumulate to constitute data sets of unforeseen value.

Everybody wants big data: from national surveillance agencies to social media corporations, digital humanities scholars to policy makers. Big data is quotidian residue remediated and reused.


The panel investigates the possible uses and the recurring abuses of how data gets recycled. It involves a critical evaluation of the term, and intentional misuses of it as well. Clouds of big data are also unfolded through new conceptual and artistic practices, which can frame it as part of inventive interventions while drawing attention to its invisible processes.


The untouchability of the cloud and data reserves become rescaled so as to be able to be brought back into issues of democracy and politics.


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