PhD workshop 2018: RESEARCH VALUES


PhD workshop 2018: RESEARCH VALUES

The research/PhD workshop RESEARCH VALUES contributed to the transmediale festival program of 2018, which took place under the title of face value, which aimed to take stock of current affairs, to recognize things for what they are before saying how they could be different.

The PhD workshop RESEARCH VALUES was organized by transmediale, Aarhus University, and ZeM and held at the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM) in Potsdam in the days running up the transmediale festival (29-31 Jan 2018). More specifically it addressed a number of topics (algorithmic values, datafied values, organizational values, face values, blockchain values, material values) that are all enclosed in the accompanying publication. Importantly, it also sought to engage in collaborative processes of knowledge production that included online as well as offline activities.


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