PirateBox Masterclass

PirateBox Masterclass

31.01.2015 12:00
HKW - Foyer

Hands-on Workshop. Create your own offline wireless network for anonymous file sharing. Registration required (Deadline: Thursday, 29 January, 12:00 noon)

Hands-on Workshop
At Foyer Hub 3
Registration required (Deadline: Thursday, 29 January, 12:00 noon)

In an era of mass-surveillance programs, filtering, and censorship, offline data sharing and communication is becoming more and more important for freedom of communication. The PirateBox is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware. The system creates offline wireless networks designed for anonymous file sharing, chatting, message boarding, and media streaming. You can think of it as your very own portable offline Internet in a box! PirateBox has been featured in over 175 international online and print publications, including New Scientist, Le Monde, Ars Technica, and Wired Italia.

Participants will build and experiment with PirateBoxes and will also learn about the history and philosophy of the project, including recent updates, ongoing challenges, and future possibilities.

Participants should bring a laptop, an OpenWrt compatible router (TP-Link MR3020) and a USB Flash Drive (4GB or larger).
The PirateBox toolkit (router and usb flash drive) can also be bought upon online registration.


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