VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1, 2014
Edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox and Georgios Papadopoulos

ISSN: 2245-7755

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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1, 2014
Edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox and Georgios Papadopoulos

ISSN: 2245-7755


The current issue of A Peer-reviewed Journal About Post-digital Research (Volume 3 issue 1) is now online. It addresses the messy and paradoxical condition of art and media after digital technology revolutions and critically reflects on the term "post-digital".

The issue is the outcome of a process where a number of researchers, artist-researchers and Ph.D.'s have collaborated in presenting and exchanging ideas around the subject. This follows an earlier call from transmediale festival, Berlin, and a research event at Kunsthal Aarhus. The issue does not present a uniform interpretation of the notion, but includes a variety of positions related to the use of the term, its application within various fields, and how it is reflected in artistic research.



The Post-digital condition
Florian Cramer – What is ‘Post-digital’?
Eric Snodgrass – Dusk to dawn: horizons of the digital/post-digital
Magnus Lawrie – Trash Versionality for Post-Digital Culture
Robert Jackson – Four Notes towards Propaganda and the Post-digital Symptom
Geoff Cox – Prehistories of the Post-digital: or, some old problems with post-anything


Applications of the Post-digital
Alessandro Ludovico – Post Digital Publishing, hybrid and processual objects in print
Georgios Papadopoulos – A Critical Engagement with Monetary Interfaces
Jonas Fritsch and Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen – An Ethology of Urban Fabric(s)
Josephine Bosma – Post-Digital is Post-Screen: Arnheim’s Visual Thinking applied to Art in the Expanded Digital Media Field
Lotte Philipsen – Who’s Afraid of the Audience? Digital and Post-Digital Perspectives on Aesthetics
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – Object-Disoriented Sound: Listening in the Post-Digital Condition

Post-digital practice-based research
James Charlton – On Remembering a Post-Digital Future
Christian Ulrik Andersen, Søren Pold and Morten Riis – A Dialogue on Cassette Tapes and their Memories
Winnie Soon – Post-digital approach: Rethinking Digital Liveness in ‘The Likes of Brother Cream Cat’
Jamie Allen – Critical Infrastructure


Artist commission
Christophe Bruno – Psychoacademic dérive


Edited by all participants
Published by Digital Aesthetics Research Center, Aarhus University in collaboration with transmediale/reSource.
Design by The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger
CC license ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’

EAN: 9788791810213
ISBN: 87-91810-21-3
ISSN (PRINT): 2245-7593
ISSN (PDF): 2245-7607


A peer-reviewed journal about // (APRJA) is an open-access research journal that addresses the ever-shifting thematic frameworks of digital culture. Through open calls we invite researchers, artist-researchers, and particularly PhD students to participate in an on-going exchange of ideas that functions as a peer-review process for the joint publication of a research journal and a conceptual print newspaper.


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