Research Workshop 2021: Research Refusal


Research Workshop 2021: Research Refusal

 Research Refusal workshop closely following the festival theme of for refusal, involved research groups and explored issues related to research infrastructures.

The workshop took place online, in partnership with Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, London South Bank University with the participation of nine different groups located at different geographical locations, some inside and some outside the academy. Each group has taken part in a shared mailing list, creating a common list of references, and discussing strategies of refusal, and how these might relate to practices of research and its infrastructures: what might be refused, and in what ways; how might academic autonomy be preserved in the context of capitalist tech development, especially perhaps in the present context of online delivery and the need for alternatives to corporate platforms (e.g. Zoom, Teams, Skype, and the like); and how to refuse research itself, in its instrumental form?

Participants: CSNI, DARC, Bucles, Bad Bitch Link Up, Nothing Happening Here, GOVERNANCE, not working group, Logistical (B)orders, MELT


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