reSource methods


reSource methods

With a sensibility towards its in/compatibilities, reSource methods investigate the interdisciplinary potential of art and research implicating the experience of artists, hackers, activists and researchers alike.

The events in reSource methods investigate intersections between artistic production and research, reflecting on methodologies of curating (post)media art as well as on experimental and speculative methods of in/compatibility through artistic practices. Today, artistic practices are developing in the context of a deep transformation of the meaning of participation and interpersonal relationships, often reflecting a precarious cultural and economical configuration. This aspect influences the role of cultural institutions engaging with art and digital technologies, which have to face a progressive redefinition on their objectives and resources, often influenced by economical paradigms. The way towards a critical articulation of artistic and culture production might be imagined developing practice-oriented contexts of reflection and sharing methodologies in which artists, hackers, activists and researchers join together and give feedback to both theory and practice through an interdisciplinary, distributed and polyphonic approach. However, by combining artistic practices, technologies and research methods, many cultural and structural incompatibilities emerge: the challenge becomes to experience, perform and execute them artistically.


(Image: "World of the News - The world's greatest peer-reviewed newspaper of in/compatible research", Cover image by Timm Hänneke, Till Wiedeck and Manuel Bürger.)


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